Let us connect you to others... and to the perfect custom puzzle. Minimum 300 per design.

Promote your MUSEUM and leave a lasting impression

Shine a light on your GLASS and have them looking for more

Make your HOSPITAL & CHILDRENS ART a fun activity

Diversify your PROMOTIONS and deliver your message

Promote your RESTAURANTS & FAMOUS HOMES and build on market visibility

Feature your PARKS & PHOTOGRAPHY and give them an unforgettable view

Expand your CATALOG and have them wanting more

Welcome to Puzzles Plus!

We know things are better when you’re connected.

And we’re not just talking about staying connected. Our goal is to help you develop a custom puzzle that will satisfy a newly defined customer want or market niche. Creating the connection between a corporation and its teams, museums and their customers, employees to their fellow coworkers, and educational catalogs to their childcare centers, piece by piece.

As the leader in the custom puzzle industry, we’re proud to offer a wide selection of piece counts and dye sizes as well as a custom branded box. Our team designs and manufactures puzzles for some of the finest museums, small businesses, corporations, catalog companies, non-profits organizations, hotels and resorts. We are dedicated to providing unique, custom puzzles to promote your product, business, or brand.

All of our puzzles are made in the USA. We use 100% recycled cardboard for our puzzle backs and boxes.

Let us connect you to others – and to the perfect custom jigsaw puzzle.