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A 24 Piece Puzzle is a Stimulating form of Education for Everyone

Puzzles have been a favorite learning toy for children, moms, educators, and everyone in between. A 24 piece puzzle from Puzzles Plus has many benefits for children and adults of different skill levels. Having a variety of 24 piece puzzle options around can enhance the education experience both at home and in school. If you’re the parent or educator of a child with limited dexterity or other mobility issues, working with a puzzle can aid in movement. Children and adults of all ages will enjoy putting together a 24 piece puzzle depicting a gorgeous work of art—and there are so many benefits to this type of hands-on education.

A 24 piece puzzle is the perfect way to enhance fine motor skills. Assembling a puzzle is fun, but it also has a great deal of educational and developmental value. A 24 piece puzzle can help teach children and adults with dexterity problems how to work on their pincher grasp and other fine motor skills. Having an end-goal like seeing the beautiful artwork on the puzzle can be an important motivating factor in completing the task. Assembling a 24 piece puzzle also aids in hand-eye coordination. As the user places each piece in the puzzle, they’ll need to manipulate it to see if it fits. Hand-eye coordination is enhanced through this trial and error process. Whether you’re working with children or adults, using a 24 piece puzzle to help develop these fine motor skills can be enjoyable for everyone involved.

24 Piece Puzzle Options at Puzzles Plus
You can teach the young and young at heart about fine artwork with our retail selection of 24 piece puzzles. This selection features extra large pieces and measures 17” by 22” when completed.

  • Apples and Oranges by Paul Cezanne features beautiful colors and shapes that children will easily recognize.
  • Still Life: Vase with Twelve Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh is a beautiful 24 piece puzzle depicting this classic piece of art.
  • Water Lilies by Claude Monet features soft colors and shapes that fit beautifully together.
  • Visit our retail page for many other 24 piece puzzle options.

Create a sense of wonder and beauty in your life and the lives of those around you with any of these beautiful 24 piece puzzles.