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Custom Puzzles Bring Museum Artwork to Life at Home

Custom puzzles are a wonderful way to promote your museum and allow your guests to enjoy the artwork long after they’ve gone home. We love artwork, and that’s why we’re proud to work with a variety of world-renowned museums. We firmly believe that custom puzzles can help meet both the educational needs and cultural needs of children and adults across the country. Our American-made custom puzzles can be purchased at museums—and it’s a wonderful way to extend the museum experience.

If you’ve ever walked into a museum gift shop, you know that there are a wide variety of items to help you remember the museum experience. Few items are as interactive and memorable as custom puzzles. That’s why you can find our custom puzzles at museums all around the United States. Such renowned museums as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Morse Museum of American Art, Dale Chihuly Garden And Glass in Seattle Washington (Portland Press), and the White House Historical Association carry our custom puzzles.

If you plan on exploring museums with your family, you should consider the ways custom puzzles can help you remember the experience. Bringing home a little piece of artwork to share with your family can really help educate and enlighten everyone about the importance of art. Pick up custom puzzles as souvenirs at museums like the Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater (Mill Run, Pa.), Kentuck Knob (Dunbar, Pa.), the Salvador Dali Museum (St. Petersburg, Fl.), Norman Rockwell Museum (Stockbridge, Mass.), and The Foundation for the National Archives (Washington D.C.). If you’d like to share custom puzzles with your family, feel free to contact museums directly to make a purchase. They’ll be more than happy to assist you.

We’ve also got a wide retail selection right here at Puzzles-Plus.com. We’ve been creating custom puzzles for museums and organizations since 1989, and we created this website in an effort to bring our products to the public, as well. We realize that there are many potential customers out there that can’t always make it out to museums. Because of that, we’ve brought the puzzles directly to you. Feel free to browse through our selection of gorgeous custom puzzles and get the museum experience right in your own home.