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Our Puzzles Make Great Employee Appreciation Gifts

Most companies enjoy giving employee appreciation gifts, but finding a personal item for everyone is often too hard to do. Employers usually know employees in the workplace, and they are familiar with employee preferences regarding working conditions. But keeping track of individual, personal preferences for books, restaurants, outings, wine or edible arrangements is asking too much of an employer who wants to give employee appreciation gifts. As a result, many business owners resort to giving gift cards that are impersonal and soon forgotten.

Choosing a Unique Gift

A perfect alternative to giving an impersonal gift card is a jigsaw puzzle that employees can enjoy putting together with friends and family. Our collection of puzzles includes the finest works of art from the world’s greatest museums in popular sizes of 500 or 1000 pieces. We produce custom puzzles from photographs, and we work with human resource departments to memorialize special events in a company’s history.

Using a photograph of the company picnic provides a fascinating theme for a puzzle that is excellent for employee appreciation gifts. Our custom puzzles use traditional shapes as well as round or panoramic views that are remarkably different. For puzzlers who enjoy putting a puzzle together but may prefer large pieces, some of our custom designs provide the piece size and count that they prefer.

Sharing a Lasting Memory

Putting a puzzle together with friends and family is a bonding experience that members of the group may remember for a lifetime. Completing a puzzle of a famous masterwork is an accomplishment that everyone enjoys. Many puzzlers choose to frame a completed puzzle, while others want to have the opportunity to put it together again. Assembling it one time or many is a matter of personal choice, but it is a certainty that employee appreciation gifts that have a personal touch are meaningful.

Giving a Lasting Gift

Activities that let a family work together provide valuable learning experiences for children. Sharing the fun of finding a missing piece and congratulating the finder builds loyalty, an important element of family life. Young children benefit from learning about shapes, and fitting a piece in its place provides a special thrill. Companies can provide employee appreciation gifts that enhance corporate culture in a meaningful way. Putting jigsaw puzzles together is a fun and rewarding activity that everyone can enjoy.