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The Six Different Types of Custom Puzzles

Whether you’re looking for a great gift to give someone for their birthday or something fun to give during the holidays, our custom puzzles are a great way to show someone you care. You can take just about any image and place it on a puzzle, which makes it a great way to give a gift a sentimental flare to it no matter what occasion you’re celebrating. But did you know there are six different types of custom puzzles you can choose from here at Puzzles Plus? Here are just some of the benefits of each.

300-Piece Puzzles – Looking for something a bit smaller to give the puzzle enthusiast you know? Our custom 300-piece puzzles is 18 by 24 inches, making it the smallest of our custom puzzles to order. It’s perfect for employee gifts or a corporate gift during the holiday season!

500-Piece Puzzles – Want something that’s a bit more challenging? A step up from our 300-piece custom puzzles is our 500-piece puzzles. They’re12 by 36 inches or 18 by 24 inches and are perfect for team building activities!

Panoramic 500-Piece Puzzles – One of our favorite kinds of custom puzzles, our panoramic 500-piece puzzles are ideal for that snapshot you have of a gorgeous view. These custom puzzles are available at 12 by 36 inches, and make a great gift for employees.

Round 500-Piece Puzzles – Here’s something a little bit out of the box for those of you who are looking for fun, custom puzzles to give your employees this holiday season! They’re available in two sizes and make a unique gift and puzzle to solve!

1000-Piece Puzzles – Looking for something that will really boggle your employees brains when it comes to solving? Our 100-piece custom puzzles are the perfect employee recognition gift, and are ideal when it comes to really working together to solve a problem – or in this case – a puzzle.

Large Piece Puzzles – Looking for something a little bit simpler to solve but still one of our custom puzzles? We offer 24 and 48 large piece puzzles that come in two different sizes. They’re a perfect holiday gift for kids of all ages!

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